Gardweeno was supported by the Sprout Fund, Hive Pittsburgh, and North Braddock Cares

Gardweeno, started in 2014 in an empty lot with our young friends in my neighborhood and my friend next door, Lindsey Scherloum.

At this time many of my young neighbors were 9-10 years old looking for something to do in the summers. After many experimental pasta dishes and them helping me with my house projects, they expressed interest in having a space where they could hang out and grow plants. This is how Gardweeno started.

a visual tool to describe our goals

Gardweeno’s facebook page and blog are the best documentations of what all we did over the 2014-2016 span of active programming and seeing the transformation of the space. While no active programming happens at Gardweeno now, our young friends are growing up with memories of transforming their neighborhood, having fun, and being empowered. <3

Special thank yous: Lindsey Scherloum, Vicky Vargo, Kelvin Rojas, Alex Chen, Ms. Zeta, Natalia Gomez, Shauna Kearns, Jeremy, Isla Hansen, Daniel Gurwin, North Braddock Borough, Braddock Carnegie Library, Braddock Youth Project, Garden Dreams, Grow Pittsburgh, Free Store 15104

In 2015, Gardweeno was a site in Bricolage’s immersive presentation of Saints Tour. For this production, I made some these totems that were along the show’s route. The tires were collected from the neighborhood and repurposed as sites.

In memory of Mr. Kevin Comstock, Gardweeno’s next door neighbor, who saw potential in every material, piece of equipment, and more importantly, every person. Mr. Kevin continues to inspire, may he Rest In Peace. <3

Mr. Kevin playing the didgeridoo for the kids

Gardweeno Press:

“At North Braddock’s Gardweeno, Digital Literacy Meets Gardening” by Erika Beras, 90.5 WESA:

NPR Latino USA, 2015

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