Photo: embroidered heart on hair ball

“When Grief is Your Best Friend” was my first solo exhibition at the Braddock Carnegie Library in 2019.

The exhibition was a reflection of how any good I experienced came from something – not. so. good. Over the years, I’ve made friends with Grief. I’ve come to appreciate Grief’s theatrical nature and silliness; spontaneity and flirtatiousness. If my heart didn’t ache so bad, it’d be hard for me not to fall in love with Grief.

There are moments when I can feel the whole world laugh and cry and scream and snicker all at the same time. When things go silent, the abandonment overwhelms me, so I fill the void with snares, wails, and rosaries. I feel things that aren’t there, I think.

Grief is home, 2019
Beeswax, watercolor and acrylic  on paper
Grief’s selfie moment: Disguised as Pikachu, 2019
Watercolor, Silk Screen, Beeswax, collage on paper
What’s left in the shower, 2019
Digital print and Acrylic on photo paper
The path my heart flies, 2018
Charcoal and Beeswax on paper
 a breakfast for Grief, 2017
Digital print on photo paper

Photos from the opening:

Thank you to the supportive team at the library, namely Ms. Mary Carey, Dana Bishop-Root, Lauren Beachom, and Rachel Brehm. The opening was an event filled with tenderness and love as I shared my journey with Grief and talked about the pieces. Food and beverage from Brassero Grill and Brew Gentlemen – so delicious! Birthday tunes by DJ Shoe, thank you!

Here’s to our best friends and the stories we share.

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