Hello! ¡Hola¡

Estoy encantada que estas aquí // I’m delighted you’re here

Like a gem, we are many facets with impressions and reflections. As I hold what I reflect back into the world, I can’t help but recognize those who have offered their light and being first. I take this time to celebrate all those I have and have had the honor to be in time traveling company and collaboration with; break bread with; laugh with; problem solve with.

I am because you are. I thank you.

a Teaching Artist

I am currently a teaching artist and mentor at the YMCA Lighthouse Project leading the Visual Arts Club. My studio practice is a more often than not gentle wave from my studio at UnSmoke Artspace into community and back in. 

in Community

I’m co-facilitating community conversations in North Braddock/Braddock with Lauren Beachom for the Pittsburgh Study. This study is looking at the unique conditions a neighborhood has to offer and room for growth for their children to thrive. It’s such an honor to share space and voice concerns to morph them into actions. I was appointed as North Braddock Council Member in May 2021. This role is showing me how many of my neighbors feel disconnected to what’s presented at council meetings. My grounding practice is tending garden spaces and picking up litter. 

a Contributor 

in the Media

a list of words describing the artist filling the silhouette of two hands coming together to make the shape of a heart