”Clocking In: Labor Defines”, group show at the MINE Factory // Pittsburgh, Pa, 2016. Clocking in, clocking out, changing hats, switching gears. In navigating our place in society, we each create, embrace, and complicate the lines between our varied modes of working. Our attitudes about going to work, however, are dictated by our individual goals […]


“When Grief is Your Best Friend” was my first solo exhibition at the Braddock Carnegie Library in 2019. The exhibition was a reflection of how any good I experienced came from something – not. so. good. Over the years, I’ve made friends with Grief. I’ve come to appreciate Grief’s theatrical nature and silliness; spontaneity and […]


Gardweeno, started in 2014 in an empty lot with our young friends in my neighborhood and my friend next door, Lindsey Scherloum. At this time many of my young neighbors were 9-10 years old looking for something to do in the summers. After many experimental pasta dishes and them helping me with my house projects, […]